Applications and software

We also specialize in developing more complex software for individual orders. For start-ups, we create systems operated in web browsers, as well as mobile applications and IoT. For companies, we develop CRP and ERP systems, according to individual needs - from simpler solutions, e.g. for improving document circulation, to entire complex systems that are tailor-made.

Selected projects:

A platform for ordering articles written by professional copywriters. The website includes three types of accounts: Author, Publisher and Advertiser. Copywriters or reporters can create their articles using the Author account. Bloggers, as Publishers, publish articles ordered by the Advertiser.

A platform to facilitate the work of press offices - publishing press releases, sending mass email and text message newsletters, as well as accreditation for events organized by the offices. The users of the website are reporters, who can make use of elaborate tools to organize into editorial offices.

Our company's portfolio includes systems developed for several dozen different industries, also less typical, such as a tool for automatic removal of background from images. It was used, for example, at the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice. We are able to create software, both websites and custom systems, for virtually any type of business.

Security and usability

All of the software that we develop is designed with regard to the highest level of security. It includes all of the following: data provided by users (e.g. protecting exact location data of the user or other sensitive data), secure communication between different elements of the system (e.g. verification of the extent of the data transferred between the server and web application), as well as between the system and third-party solutions, which are integrated as part of the project (e.g. integrations of systems with payment gateways).

As part of organizational security in place, we use a number of solutions to ensure the highest security of user data. In our projects, we implement statistics mechanisms maintained by us, which results in a full compliance with the GDPR and not sending user data outside the European Union. Despite collecting detailed information on user visits, we don’t store any data that allows for their direct identification.

Our projects can be characterized by great usability verified while developing tens of websites and applications. It is more convenient for users to use properly designed software and when it comes to websites with the purpose of sales (sales platforms, webstores), it increases conversion. We verify the usability of software that we develop, as well as perform audits and usability test of already existing and functioning websites.

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