Having been developing specialized software for many years, we pay great attention to its security regarding the most popular threats. At first, we used our experience to verify the security of other applications and websites. In recent years, we’ve also been conducting training on cybersecurity.

Audits and pentest

We carry out penetration tests of websites, mobile applications and connected software (back-end, available API, etc.). In our tests, we rely on OWASP recommendations, among others. As a result of our work, we provide reports along with a classification of detected threats and recommendations to implement. The test are carried out in accordance with one of the most popular methods:

  • The black box methodWe carry out the test without access to the source code and documentation. This method of testing is similar to a real attack which might be carried out by outside attackers.
  • The white box methodFor this method of carrying out penetration tests, we obtain the complete available knowledge about the project and its structure, focusing on searching for potential vulnerabilities basing on patterns proven over the years.

Cybersecurity training

In our everyday work we also conduct training on cybersecurity. For example, training for programming teams, who want to raise their awareness regarding the security of their code. We also conduct training for non-technical people, showing current threats, examples of real successful attacks, as well as how to securely manage passwords, send emails or use online banking.

We invite you to our Cyber3 platform, where we offer unique training on cybersecurity. The one-day training program conducted by three experienced specialists in the three most important areas: technical, GDPR and organizational (regarding directives such as NIS or KRI). The training includes a practical panel, where the participants, along with the coaches, use computers to learn how to recognize spoof emails or work securely with documents and passwords.

We invite you to our standard training on cybersecurity for companies and public institutions (we train several hundred people a year with this program). Available in a theoretical formula only (about 3h with one break) or in a recommended variant with a practical part (about 5h), where we show how to recognize phishing, work securely with passwords or online banking.

A great amount of knowledge about the most current threats and attacks, which are carried out against institutions every day. We show specific examples and the most up-to-date information, based on CERT reports, among others.

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