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We're not going to dilate on the technologies that we work with. Bring your project to us, we'll find the best solutions for you and complete it. No matter if it's a website, mobile or desktop application or IoT devices. Our solutions are used, among others, at the biggest international events - World and European championships, festivals and others.

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Websites and software

In our everyday work, we create basically all types of solutions that use software - from websites and webstores to custom online platforms, CRM tools, and other tools for start-ups or tools that support the work of companies.

Mobile apps

We also specialize in creating mobile apps for two of the most popular platforms - Android and iOS. This means both simple apps, used, for example, in ad campaigns, as well as advanced apps connected with websites developed by us.

Security and usability

With every project, we pay huge attention to security and usability. The software that we develop is protected from the most common attacks. The experience that we've gained providing services for several dozen types of industries also guarantees high usability of the projects that we work on.

Consulting and audits

At each stage of a project, we provide advice in order to achieve the best possible results. This includes, for example, technical aspects - we suggest the best technologies for the project that will increase its quality and, at the same time, lower the costs of developing it in the future. We also offer advice and training regarding IT security and usability.

Hosting and domains

We provide both basic hosting accounts for websites and webstores, as well as advanced platforms with solutions for specialized software that we set up and manage, for example scalable cloud servers prepared for high traffic, providing high level of security.


A complete website should get noticed by users. We have experience in both optimization, which means preparing the software properly to be visible on the net, as well as active ways of driving traffic to websites and webstores.

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Łukasz Przedpełski

CEO Accred.eu

I've been working with UniqSoft for 9 years. We've created together over a dozen applications (internet, desktop and IoT). No matter what type of solution I need, I know that I don't have to ask whether it's even possible, but rather when we can start :)

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